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University of Montreal, Montreal, Canada

Telecommunications Infrastructure Design

Feasibility Study Completed July 2009

The scope of the project was to implement the telecommunication infrastructure Feasibility Study design strategic plans and analysis for a new 382,500 square foot building known as the “15 Story High Rise”, a new 167,500 square foot building known as the “Low Riser and Atrium” and for renovating a 200,000 square foot existing building.

TSG joined the Private Public Partnership (PPP) team as the IT infrastructure design engineers and provided coordination and central contact point for architect, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineers.

Facilitated design meetings on-site with the Center Hospital – University of Montreal (CHUM) Network team to include the ICT Infrastructure structured cabling and equipment layout standards.

Design meetings included review of Telecommunications Room (TR) and Main Entrance Room (MER) space requirements for all systems to be installed in these rooms.

Created design based upon the space required to house equipment along with future growth considerations.

Coordinated assistance on the required room size, sizing of the required HVAC system.

Made recommendations for the locations and type of electrical outlets, telecommunications cabling pathways and the location details for each TR and MER in each building.

Oversaw the installation of all systems equipment required: Conventional Telephone Network,Specialized Medical Network, Distributed Antennae System, Security System (Access Control, Intrusion Detection and Video Surveillance), Fire Detection and Alarm Systems, Biomedical Laboratory Equipment Network, Nurse Call System, Building Management System, Telecommunications connectivity, and HVAC and electrical requirements.

Responsible for backbone cabling requirements to include the CHUM required redundancy for copper & fiber optic cabling for the MER’s and TR’s for all buildings.

Designed and delivered Telecommunications drawings and specifications to the DD level.

Delivered a detailed room layout drawing including cabinet (or rack) locations, pathway locations and electrical outlet locations.