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Posted in IT Consulting/Engineering, Project Management

University of Kentucky (UK), College of Pharmacy, Lexington, Kentucky

Tel / Data Engineering Services

Grand Opening Ceremony January 2010

DEFINE The scope of the project was to implement telecommunication structured cabling design and engineering services in the new 280,000 square foot “College of Pharmacy Building” (COP). Scope of the project included office locations, conference rooms, auditoriums, classrooms computational labs, and teaching lab space on five floors plus the basement.

DESIGN Facilitated design meetings with the University of Kentucky (UK) Communications and Network Systems (CNS) team to include the UK telecommunications structured cabling and equipment layout standards and regulations. Developed design space based upon requirements to house current equipment and allowed future growth considerations for buildings to be built adjacent to the COP building. Incorporated “UK CNS Structured Cabling Standards” working directly with University of Kentucky CNS Group and coordination with all members of the design team. Provided comprehensive telecommunications structured cabling design for the outside and inside plant requirements to include wireless LAN, RFID and Cellular Antennae locations. Responsible for comprehensive coordination details throughout the project with the Architect and MEP Engineers. Researched and recommended appropriate equipment cabinet (or equipment racks) for structured cabling in the server rooms. Incorporated telecommunications connectivity, HVAC and electrical requirements for all telecommunications equipment. Evaluated existing conditions to provide sketch and drawing details for both COP Entrance Facilities and building backbone cabling requirements to include the UK required redundancy for copper & fiber optic cabling.

DEPLOY Provided ongoing coordination with the architect and MEP engineers: assisted with the required room size, sizing of the required HVAC system, made recommendations for the locations and type of electrical outlets, telecommunications cabling pathways and the location details for the Building Distribution Frame (BDF), Entrance Facility (ER) and Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF) rooms in the building.

DOCUMENT Delivered detailed room layout drawing to include cabinet (or rack) locations, pathway locations and electrical outlet locations. Provided Telecommunications drawings and specifications (16700) suitable for bid. Organized and attended site visits and submitted written reports during the “Construction Administration” portion of the project.