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Providence College (PC), Providence, Rhode Island: Hickey Hall

Tel / Data Engineering Services

Project Completed Spring 2008

The scope of the project was to provide Tel / Data Engineering Services for the newly renovated 100,000 square foot “Hickey Hall Chemistry and Biology Labs Building”.

Developed the design of a Shielded (Foil) Twisted Pair (FTP) cabling system and a cable tray.

Developed the redesign for expansion of the existing telecommunications room for current and future infrastructure needs.

Provided coordination detailed sketches with Architect and the General Contractor for structured cabling to lab benches and peripheral devices.


  1. Distributed RFP to include Telecommunications Drawings and Specifications for bid to qualified contractors.
  2. Evaluated and recommended best qualified contractor to PC.
  3. Provided Construction Administration services to ensure the integrity the Structured Cabling System met or exceeded PC Structured Cabling Standards.