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Barnstable County Region-Wide Telecommunications & Information Technology Survey

Posted by on Sep 7, 2012 in IT Consulting/Engineering, Municipalities | Comments Off

Barnstable County Region-Wide Telecommunications & Information Technology Survey


The Skyline Group, Inc. (TSG) along with an affiliate consultant was engaged by Barnstable County to conduct a comprehensive survey of all municipal telecommunications and information technology assets, and associated costs for all towns and schools on Cape Cod.


Our survey for the County was to gather detailed information from site visits covering the following aspects:


  • Telecommunications and Internet equipment
  • Network routing, switching, firewalling, shaping, and filtering
  • Telecommunications and Internet services
  • Network topology
  • Servers
  • IT and communications facilities
  • End user systems
  • Sofware applications and services
  • Organization and staffing


TSG identified over 300 sites that were relevant to Barnstable County and TSG conducted physical on-site surveys at 210 of these sites. The Skyline Group also identified over 150 applications used by municipal entities and identified areas to reduce cost and increase productivity. Information being gathered included both quantitative information as well as qualitative perspectives on the efficiency of current resources, including present applications and future scalability.

TSG provided the County of Barnstable with the following:

  • Spreadsheets containing the data collected, organized and analyzed in such a way as to be useful for on-going tracking
  • GIS maps depicting different topologies and networks
  • Notes and assessments provided during surveys
  • Summary presentation including preliminary findings

A final report representing tabulated summaries of information collected along with assessments of the information.


barnstable county safety barnstable county safety

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Massachusetts Turnpike Authority (MTA), Boston, Massachusetts

Posted by on Jul 22, 2004 in IT Consulting/Engineering, IT Consulting/Engineering, Municipalities, Municipalities | Comments Off

Technical Consulting Services

Consulting Completed Summer 2004

The scope of the project was to provide a comprehensive diagnostic review of Integrated Project Control System Preventative Maintenance (PM) & Corrective Maintenance (CM) and Technical Consulting Services.

Design services were not provided by TSG for this project.

Conducted comprehensive technical review and evaluation of the MTA’s existing Maintenance Management Information System, as compared to the CA/T Project provided Operations & Maintenance Manuals.

Administered extensive review of all systems electronics, PM & CM manufacturing requirements, and MMIS system procedures as compared to manufacturer’s requirements.

Provided detailed documentation of compilation of CM history and determination of problem system components.
Submitted recommendations to MTA of modifications to PM & CM procedures, based upon realistic equipment access in relation to manufacturers requirements to maximize efficiency and minimize failures.

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