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Mission Statement


We will grow the company two-fold within the next five years allowing the company to expand on the core knowledge and experience of our current capacities with the service offerings we currently provide.

Our values, attitude and approach to our valued clients are second to none in our industry.

We will accomplish our vision by taking these attributes to similar clients in the Higher Education sector.

Values Statement

We manage and meet our customer’s expectations through daily communications and by delivering quality service as a prime deliverable.

Our customers, our employees and their families and the overall cooperation with everyone we are in contact with are our top priorities of all the stakeholders we are committed to.

Enabling our employees, the time and consideration to take care of their Family as well as the company they work for is one key to our success

Treating people as you as expected to be treated is a process we rarely speak of but continue to practice daily.

Be honest and live up to promises made and strive to understand and break down expectation to give our clients and employees what they expect and deserve.

  • Strong work ethic
  • Updated knowledge of core competencies
  • Strive for quality of work
  • Honesty many years of diverse experience

Mission Statement

The Skyline Group is committed to working closely with our customers to provide cost effective, schedule driven Consulting/Engineering and Project Management services.

We shall accomplish our vision to continue to meet new customers and develop long lasting relationships utilizing our current process for success, one customer at a time.

By adhering to our core values of Honesty, Integrity and Quality in every aspect of our business relationships, we shall establish and maintain a long term, value added, strategic, partnering relationship with our customers.