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Ron Orazine, Public Safety Consultant/SME

Ron Orazine has over a quarter century of experience in all aspects of public safety projects, a number of which were multi-jurisdictional and multi-discipline. His scope of experience in public safety includes grant writing, a comprehensive understanding of all facets of a PSAP center and its interoperability from data, to voice, to radio, as well as operational procedures. Mr. Orazine worked on a unique project for a group of communities that belonged to a RECC, to determine if the level of regional dispatch services provided was as expected and promised or if participation was no longer needed. The project findings listed, quantified and proposed solutions to correct the misperception of value concerns and provided in-depth insight into how a centralized dispatch center should operate and maintain professionalism over a long period.

Mr. Orazine is an associate of The Skyline Group, and he has worked on many projects with our firm. In particular, he has contributed to the PSnet Project and the statewide network MAIN project, including contributions to the second round MBI MassBroadband 123 winning grant application.

Mr. Orazine has worked with such entities as Fire Services, Fire Districts, BAPERN, CMED, SEMLEC, and NEMLEC, to name a few, which have enabled him to address regionalization concerns that are not obvious. For example, how to handle walk-ins when a community’s PSAP has been moved to a central facility, or how to address business lines and alarms, camera monitoring, and staffing for citizen-facing services. Additionally, Mr. Orazine donates his time and expertise to the Bristol and Norfolk County Emergency Management Group, as a member of the Technology and Grant Writing committees. Ron is a former Bell System project and account manager for State and Local Government. As a consultant he has worked on such projects as a countywide communications review for Worcester and Norfolk Counties. This included site surveys of Public Safety entities in all County communities.

Mike-GlierMichael Glier, PMP

has many years of experience as a practitioner and consultant in municipal and educational IT Mr. Glier has served as a consultant to various municipalities in the development, design, deployment and testing of new municipal networks and communications systems to provide improved connectivity and support deployment of new technology. He has also developed and implemented municipal business continuity and disaster recovery plans that leveraged existing resources and new technology. His overall experience in IT spans more than 35 years of systems specification, design, deployment and operations management. He has led design groups at Fortune 500 companies to create new public-safety systems and software technology which were deployed in major cities throughout the United States, Canada and the Far East. These systems implemented a wide variety of engineered copper, fiber and radio-based communications systems and networks to support law enforcement and intelligent-transportation-systems applications. Many of these systems deployed analog and IP-based CCTV cameras and other integrated sensor types. Many of these new services have used Web-based distributed applications and other cloud-based services. Mr. Glier received his MBA from the University of Rhode Island, holds 9 US patents and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

Mr. Glier will concentrate on applications and issues in such areas as infrastructure, networking and communications, telephony, security, Business Continuity (BC),Disaster Recovery (DR) and strategic planning.